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Woodbridge named best place to live, East England, 2021

The essence of Woodbridge’s charm and sophistication has been identified by the Times, as the best place to live in 2021. Woodbridge, described as, 'a timeless town that offers storybook architecture and dazzling wildlife.’ It is a must-visit town in an area of outstanding natural beauty. 

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How to Garden like a Garden Designer

Flowers are Happiness

In my garden, I have tried to create a flow. Something that takes you from one area of the garden to the next. Which can be done in a couple of easy ways:

1) Firstly, creating areas in your garden creates excitement (or it does for me) something else to look at, another place to explore. 

2) Secondly, make a planting plan detailing what plants you have, when they flower, and the size they get to. Flowers flowering at different times, in different parts of the garden, is the dream, as colours pop out throughout the year. 

 Tulips in a Suffolk Garden
Garden landscape of a designed garden in Suffolk